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Mark Henry

Mark Henry

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PostSubject: Mark Henry's message   Mark Henry's message EmptyFri Aug 26, 2011 1:11 am

Justin Roberts: Please welcome... the World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry!

Mark Henry makes his way down to the ring with a mic in a hand.

"It surprised me that the GM has me out in a match once again with Jeff Hardy. Like last time, I have desimated Hardy in front of the whole entire world to see, showing what I said the first time was true: that I am a dangerous man who will hurt people. And I did when I slammed Hardy through a table and he was rushed out of here on a stretcher. You know, it seems like the GM of Demolition wants another look of how dangerous I really am. Jeff Hardy has been known around the world as an ultimate risk taker. He loves to take risks and he isn't scared of no man. But he has finally found the one risk that will end in faliure he as found the one man who he is afraid of... that man is me. Mark Henry. When I first had my match a couple of days ago with Jeff Hardy, he entered the ring with his Hardcore title. Automatically, I felt fear in his heart I saw the fear in his eyes even though he tries not to show it. I was able to smell it and see it physically. Like they say animals can sense a human fear and they thrive on it. That's what I do tonight when I face Hardy ir's going to be another repeat me beating him into nothing. But unlike last time I left him off easy letting the medics take him away to the hospital... this time I'm taking Jeff Hardy out of commission and he will be out doing some time in the hospital bed. And it looks like I'm doing people in EWF a favor when I help vacate the EWF Hardcore Championship. And one more thing before I go: Test, you little ass punk, the last thing you want to do is to Test me. I have no time for games and when you mess with the World's Strongest Man, you are gonna get your ass whooped like never before and I assure you that the last thing that come out of your mouth is nothing so be lucky Jonathan Coachman saved your ass from a beat down that you will soon regret."

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Mark Henry's message
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