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 Eddie Guerrero vs. The Rock

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Eddie Guerrero vs. The Rock Empty
PostSubject: Eddie Guerrero vs. The Rock   Eddie Guerrero vs. The Rock EmptySat Aug 27, 2011 1:39 pm

The following contest is a tables match! Making his way to the ring... from Hayward, California, weighing in at two hundred and sixty pounds... he is the EWF Champion... Theeee Rock!

There was a buzz in the air, a slight air of expectation that only one man could create by the mention of his mere name... he is the biggest name in the whole of EWF, he is the biggest name in the WHOLE of professional wrestling, he is, The Rock!

The music hits and there was a huge pop, almost as if the fans have been saving their ovation for that moment, the moment they got to see their hero make his legendary ring action. Rock came to the stage, looking focused as ever. Rock completed the rest of his ring walk and entered the ring, then climbed up to the turnbuckle and raised the most prestigious title in EWF, the one that had his name on it.

And his opponent... from El Paso, Texas, weighing in at two hundred and twenty-eight pounds... he is the International Champion... Eddie... Guerrerrroooooo!

Eddie pulled up to the ramp in his low rider. He stopped it at the beginning, then turned on the hydraulics. He rested his arm on the side of the car as it bobbed up and down. After a while, he stopped it, then exited the car. He held his arms in the air, waving his hands towards him before swaggering down the ramp. He walked up the steel steps, dancing across the apron, then entered the ring. He climbed the top rope, then repeated the taunt from earlier in his entrance. He beat his chest, then did the same on the opposite turnbuckle. He climbed off, then adjusted his wrist tape as he stared down his opponent.

The ref called for the bell.
Ding ding ding!

Eddie and The Rock paced the ring, staring eachother down. They both knew one was going to eat wood, but neither of them wanted to be that one. After much hesitation, the two locked up. Eddie took the upper hand and transitioned into a waist locked, then hit a release German suplex, sending Rock flying across the ring and crashing onto his upper back. While the Rock was down, Eddie used his chance and exited the ring. He grabbed a table, then slid it in the ring, following close behind.
He leaned it against the turnbuckle, then turned around to go for the Rock, but the People's Champ was already up and ready to pounce. He ran toward Eddie and knocked him down with a lariat. The Rock hooked Eddie's legs and turned him over for a sharpshooter, locking the hold in tight. Eddie grabbed for the rope, but to no use, for this was a no-disqualification match. Eddie struggled in the hold, his legs beginning to grow very sore. Using all his strength, he sat up, driving The Rock face-first into the ground.
Now that Rocky was the one that was grounded, Eddie decided to get back at him with some revenge. He twisted his legs around, then locked him in a figure four leglock. The Rock struggled in the hold, attempted to break out of it. He somehow managed to pull out of it, and the two stood up and began brawling.
They each took turns, raining down punches on eachother back and for. The Rock managed to take over, hitting three huge right hands and finishing Eddie off with a devastating haymaker. The Rock lifted Eddie back up, then irish whipped him into the ropes. As Eddie rebounded towards him, The Rock grabbed him by the leg, pulled him over his shoulders, then fell backward for a huge Samoan drop. The Rock took the table leaning against the turnbuckle, then set it up near the ropes. As The Rock slipped out of the ring, Eddie slowly began to stand up. The Rock searched under the ring and decided on a chair. While the Rock chose his weapon and returned into the ring, Eddie performed his signature taunt. He then turned around to meet a steel chair to the face. The Rock dropped the chair, then picked Eddie up again. The Rock Went for a punch, but Eddie dodged and irish whipped Rock into the turnbuckle. He ran up to him, then hit a monkey flip, propelling Rock into the air and sending him crashing back-first onto the steel chair.
Eddie stood up, then taunted some more. He appeared to now have a gash on his forehead, most likely from the chairshot. He went over to the Rock and began to pick him up, but the EWF Champion began raining down punches to Eddie's gut. Eddie let go, and the Rock got up to his feet. The Rock turned to the crowd and grinned. As Eddie turned around back towards him, the Rock grabbed Eddie by the shoulder. He lifted him up, then drove Latino Heat right through the table with a Rock Bottom!

Ding ding ding!
Here's your winner... Theeeeeee Rock!

The Rock climbed up to the turnbuckle, raising his arm and sniffing the air for his signature taunt. The crowd erupted, cheering their hero's win. The Rock grinned and raised an eyebrow, then exited the ring as the referee checked to make sure Eddie was okay.

If it can be done off the top rope, it will be...
And if it's some crazy shit that Austin Cross isn't currently doing, I'll do it!

'Cause that's how I roll! Cool
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Eddie Guerrero vs. The Rock
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