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 Jeff Hardy vs. Phillip Phillips w/ Austin Cross

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Phillip Phillips
Phillip Phillips

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Jeff Hardy vs. Phillip Phillips w/ Austin Cross Empty
PostSubject: Jeff Hardy vs. Phillip Phillips w/ Austin Cross   Jeff Hardy vs. Phillip Phillips w/ Austin Cross EmptyFri Aug 12, 2011 10:13 am

The following contest is no-disqualification match! Making his way to the ring... from Versoix, Switzerland... weighing in at two hundred and thirty-five pounds... Phillip... Phillips!

Phillip dashed down the ramp, slapping the hands of the eager fans as he went. One of the two EWF Tag Team Championships was buttoned around his waist. Austin followed close behind, with his championship. He then jumped up to the ring apron, shaking the top rope violently in an Ultimate Warrior-like fashion. Once he finished, he jumped over it and ran up to the farthest turnbuckle. He stood on the top rope and raised his newly-won Tag Team Championship for everyone in the crowd to see. He then hopped off of it and did the same on the opposite turbuckle. He bounced against the ropes slightly as Austin waited outside the ring near Phillip's corner.

And his opponent... from Cameron, North Carolina, weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds... Jeff... Hardy!

Jeff Hardy entered in his usual face paint. The hardcore championship was buckled around his waist. He stared angrily at Austin and Phillip, then climbed up to the ring apron and slipped through the second rope. He climbed up the turnbuckle, then raised his belt in victory, instead of his normal taunt. He did the same on the opposite turnbuckle, then returned to the ring.

Now that both men had entered, the referee called for the bell.
Ding ding ding!

Phillip and Jeff paced the ring, staring eachother down. Finally, they slowly walked towards eachother and locked up in a collar and elbow. Phillip managed to take over and transition into a headlock. He turned around then stalled for a moment, raised his free arm, then hit a hangman’s neckbreaker. Jeff lay on the ground for a moment, and Phillip held on to the ropes, turning back frequently to see if Jeff was starting to get up. Finally, Jeff managed to slowly pull himself up from the ground, and Phillip bounced off the top rope and turned around, going for a springboard cross body. However, Jeff saw him, and hit him with a dropkick in mid air. Phillip clutched his gut, and Jeff lifted him up from the ground. He irish whipped him into the turnbuckle, then ran towards him to go for a clothesline. Phillip quickly moved out of the way, but Jeff saw it just in time and climbed up to the top rope then hit a Whisper in the Wind. He then rolled over Phillip for the cover.

1... 2...

Phillip sent Jeff flying across the ring at two. He then leaned over the top rope and mumbled something to Austin. He stepped on Hardy a couple of times, then Austin returned from under the ring apron and handed Phillip a light tube through the second rope. Phillip then climbed up to the top rope, hold the light tube with two hands. Jeff slowly stood up, and Phillip came raining down on him, light tube and all, cracking the glass over Jeff's head. Phillip then dropped to the ground and wrapped his legs around Jeff then pulled his arm towards him for a triangle choke. Jeff struggled to breathe-- and not to tap-- and finally managed to grab onto the rope. Phillip held onto the hold after the rope break, and the ref struggled to get him off even though this was a no-DQ match. Finally, Phillip let go. He backed away slightly, then waited for Jeff to get up. After some time, Jeff finally managed to pull himself up off the ground. The attack with the light tube created a small gash near his hairline. Phillip was about to spear Jeff, but he saw him and ran towards him to go for a clothesline. However, Phillip saw it and back body dropped Jeff right over the top rope and out of the ring. Using the barricade, Jeff struggled to get up. Phillip ran towards the ropes, bounced off then, then flew through the second rope for a suicide dive. Jeff was hit and rammed into the barricade just as he got up. Phillip then searched under the ring apron. He finally pulled out a table, then slid into the ring with it. While the ref wasn't looking, Austin came by and stomped and punched Jeff a bit, then tossed him back into the ring. Phillip irish whipped Jeff into the turnbuckle, then set up the table in front of it. He lifted Jeff up to the top rope, then climbed the turnbuckle himself. He picked Jeff up over his shoulders, then climbed up to the top rope and turned around towards the table. Phillip lifted him up, then dropped him straight through the table. Phillip turned around once again, then jumped off the turnbuckle and twisted around for his finishing move, the flip-style moonsault. He hit Jeff, but didn't bother to hook his leg; they both were sore.

1... 2... 3!
Ding ding ding!

Phillip rolled off Hardy, but still lay on the ground. Outside the ring, Austin cheered. The ref helped Phillip up, then medics came in for Hardy. The ref raised Phillip's arm, who barely managed to stand.

Here's your winner... Phillip... Phillips!

The crowd cheered as Phillip limped out of the ring then, with the help of Austin, climbed back up the ramp.

If it can be done off the top rope, it will be...
And if it's some crazy shit that Austin Cross isn't currently doing, I'll do it!

'Cause that's how I roll! Cool

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Jeff Hardy vs. Phillip Phillips w/ Austin Cross
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