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 What's Hiding Underneath that Ring Apron?

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Phillip Phillips
Phillip Phillips

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PostSubject: What's Hiding Underneath that Ring Apron?   Sat Aug 06, 2011 5:07 pm

Here are the things that put the E in EWF (if bolded, it can be found wrapped in barbed wire. if italicized, it can be set on fire). Some can also be found by the ringside, such as the announce table, steel chairs, and the ring bell.


Steel Chair


Light tube

Steel pipe

Kendo stick


Glass panel


Hockey stick

Trash can & lid



Ring bell & hammer

Announce table

Steel steps

Baseball bat

Duct tape

Poison mist (bottled)

Green - said to obstruct the opponents vision
Red - said to burn the eyes
Black - said to blind the opponent for several weeks
Blue - said to send the opponent to sleep
Yellow - said to paralyze the opponent
Purple - said to cause momentary distraction and memory loss



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What's Hiding Underneath that Ring Apron?
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