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 The Roster

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Phillip Phillips
Phillip Phillips

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PostSubject: The Roster   The Roster EmptyMon Jul 25, 2011 7:28 pm

This is our roster, for now. Please, feel free to try to recruit as many people as possible. Although everyone is on a specific show, probably everyone will still have a match on both shows no matter what since we still don't have very many people. At one point, we will have a draft (probably).

CEO: Thor Jørgensen (thesamoanbulldozer)

Mayhem (GM: The Rock)
  • Sheamus (SeanMasters3301)
  • The Rock (leon0677)
  • Christian Cage (1000bambam)
  • CM Punk (aaronmikel)
  • Jeff Hardy (1000bambam)
  • Mike Quackenbush (soondragon67)

Demolition (GM: Johnathan Coachman)
  • Austin Cross (AustinBruh)
  • Phillip Phillips (thesamoanbulldozer)
  • Edge (aaronmikel)
  • Test (svrcount99)
  • Mark Henry (Zim937)
  • Michael Cole (sravia5)

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The Roster
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