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 Contract Template

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Phillip Phillips

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PostSubject: Contract Template   Mon Jul 25, 2011 3:56 pm

To join, you must post a new topic with a contract template, filled out to your wrestler's needs.
You also must make a contract for tag teams, although I would recommend talking with your tag partner first.

Here is the contract template:

Appearance: (describe or post a picture of what your wrestler looks like here. optional if signing up as a real wrestler)

Name: (self-explanatory)

Weight: (see above. but please, don't do something unrealistic, like 700 lbs. (unless your wrestler is a sumo or something). same goes for height)

Height: (again, see above)

Age: (optional)

Hometown: (where is your wrestler from?)

Alignment: (is your wrestler a face, heel, or tweener? make sure to stay in character of what your wrestler is; if you're a heel, act like one)

Description: (put any extra information about your wrestler here. optional if signing up as a real wrestler)

Entrance theme: (post a link or a video of your wrestler's entrance theme)

Signatures/common moves: (what's in your wrestler's moveset?)

Finisher(s:( (self-explanatory)

Debut promo/sample roleplay: (put a promo here to show us what your wrestler is like. optional, but good to include)

Write your promo yourself or have me write it for you: (you can look at some of the older matches as examples. either roleplay yourself by saying all the moves and such you do, or have me write out the whole match for you. if you choose for me to write the match, you must post a promo in the 'RPs' section. whoever has the best RP wins the match.)

Account on SvRc: (Smackdown vs. Raw community/forums; leave out if you're not on)

The Tag Team/Stable Contract:


Members: (only if name doesn't explain who the members are)

Combined weight:

Description: (optional)

Entrance theme:

Signatures/common moves:


And the non-wrestler contract:

Appearance: (self-explanatory)

Name: (see above)

Height: (see above)

Weight: (see above)

Age: (see above)

Location: (where are they billed from?)

Alignment: (face/heel/tweener)

Occupation: (referee, commentator, manager, announcer, etc.)

Account on SvRc: (Smackdown vs. Raw community/forums; leave out if you're not on)

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Contract Template
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