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 A New Superstar.......?

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Jonathan Coachman

Jonathan Coachman

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A New Superstar.......? Empty
PostSubject: A New Superstar.......?   A New Superstar.......? EmptySun Sep 04, 2011 4:12 pm

Jonathan Coachman comes out in his suit and tie.

"Hello. My name is Johnathan Coachman, and I'm in charge here... for now... anyways, not very long ago, HDW superstar Randy Orton quit. He came to me afterwards and, well, I signed him. So, please welcome... the Apex Predator... Randy Orton!"

Randy Orton walks down the ramp with his signature t-shirt.
He enters the ring and poses on the top rope. As he jumps off, Coachman hands him a mic.

"Hello EWF... my name is Randy Orton, and I'm here to make an impact. You see, I'm not in the main roster yet, but I will be..."

Johnathan Coachman began to speak.
"Randy, since HDW and EWF are uniting, will that mean you'll be a part of HDW again?"

Orton replied.
"I don't care. As long as my career isn't in the hands of retards, I'm good."
He dropped the microphone then walked out.

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A New Superstar.......?
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