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 I'm In charge ....

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Jonathan Coachman

Jonathan Coachman

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I'm In charge .... Empty
PostSubject: I'm In charge ....   I'm In charge .... EmptyWed Aug 31, 2011 9:34 pm

Jonathan Coachman comes out in a suit with a red tie.

"Hello... my name is Jonathan Coachman. I run one of the shows here. Okay, since Thor is out of action due to Sheamus injuring him, I'm in charge and that means I run the place until Thor comes back... that means I get to make the matches. So, we will have a handicap match. It will be Mark Henry & Michael Cole vs. The Rock. I have nothing against you, Rock. It's just business. Also, the TV title will be on the line with Austin Cross vs. Test. And guess what?"

The crowd shouted "WHAT?"

"I will make a huge announcement about the EWF Championship."

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Mark Henry

Mark Henry

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I'm In charge .... Empty
PostSubject: Re: I'm In charge ....   I'm In charge .... EmptyThu Sep 01, 2011 7:51 pm

Mark Henry comes out with a mic in hand and an angry look on his face.

"Jonathan Coachman, we have been friends for a long time and you have witnessed my wrestling career. You have also seen the blatant disrespect I get all the time, and I'm sick and tired of it. Since my debut here in EWF I have dominated and dismantled the Hardcore Champion Jeff Hardy, and I have beaten up the former EWF Champion The Rock. And by me beating him down, that allowed Sheamus to become champion. I have yet to be beaten. As I see it, I was the difference maker between The Rock and Sheamus' championship match. Jonathan Coachman, as I look at it, none of the World Champions are from the Demolition brand. Are they!? So what I'm here to say to you, Jonathan Coachman, is that I want a shot at Christian Cage's International title. Or maybe I want to be a part of the EWF Championship match. It doesn't matter to me. If you grant me my request or even if I have to earn it. But if I were you Jonathan, I would make the right choice and grant me my match. So Coach, I hope you think looong and hard about what I'm saying to you because if you don't, I'll personally make sure that everyone here will suffer..."

The crowd boos as Mark Henry exits.

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I'm In charge ....
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