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PostSubject: GET READY TO GET "TESTED"   GET READY TO GET "TESTED" EmptyThu Aug 25, 2011 8:01 pm

Test comes out in a black EWF shirt and blue jeans. He asks for a mic.

"My name is Andrew Martin, but some people call me 'Test'. There is no doubt that I am the best at ending people's careers. Not that 700-pound Hershey... not that jar of mayo... but me. I have ended so many careers that I lost track of them."
He chuckles.
"Anyways, I heard that I am going to be in a battle royal for the TV Championship. But I don't see why I'm in. Just look at me: I'm championship material. I could dominate this whole roster if I wanted to. But after I win the TV title, I am going to win the EWF Championship and become the first person ever to hold both the TV title and the EWF championship at the same time... do you want to know the truth? Well, I see a little part of me in Sheamus. He has the power, the dominance, the brutality... just like me. But when I look at Mark Henry, all I see is a punk that think he deserves everything. In reality, all he can do is, well... nothing. If you hit his leg, he'll drop. Just imagine... a big boot meeting that big, black, ugly face of his. Mark, all you are good for is an eating contest. But don't get in my way, because I will end our career. That's not a threat... that's a promise. But enough talk about those guys... it's time to talk about the battle royal I'm going to compete in. Me vs. Austin cross vs. Mike vs. Austin vs. Cole? Really? Why am I in a match against three nobodies? Let's see... we have Michael Cole, probably the worst jobber in the history of professional wrestling. We have Austin Cross, a WWE reject... and then we have someone who thinks he's the best... Mike Quackenbush. What kind of name is that? This is going to be an easy match to win... for me, of course. And if you think I'm talking too much crap saying I'm going to win... that's probably true."

He drops the mic then exits the ring, heading backstage.

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