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 The Rock vs. Jeff Hardy

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The Rock vs. Jeff Hardy Empty
PostSubject: The Rock vs. Jeff Hardy   The Rock vs. Jeff Hardy EmptyFri Aug 19, 2011 10:10 am

The following contest is scheduled for one fall... making his way to the ring... from Cameron, North Carolina, weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds... Jeff... Hardy!

Jeff Hardy emerged from a glowing stage, dancing. He ran down the ramp then slid into the ring. He climbed the turnbuckle and outstretched his arms, then jumped off and wait for The Rock to enter.

And his opponent... from Hayward, California, weighing in at two hundred and sixty pounds... Theeeeeeee Rock!

The crowd are still buzzing from seeing one of their most beloved Superstars in Jeff Hardy make his way to the ring. There is only one man that could possibly top the ovation that Hardy just recieved, that man is Dwayne Johnson.

The lights turn to a blue colour, the music hits and as predicted the fans go absoloutley wild. The Rock enters the arena sporting a new shirt. On it reads the letters 'HDW' the letters of one of EWF's biggest rivals! The fans don't seem to care though, as they begin to chant his name 'Rocky, Rocky'

He descends down the ramp, Championship belt firmly in his grasp, sliiides in to the ring and mounts the top turnbuckle. Raises his arm and soaks in all of the electricity. He drops down from the turnbuckle, and throws his shirt in too the crowd.

Rock paces around looking anxious, AND TAKES A SHOT AT HARDY. Hardy is floored by a huge right hand from the great one and the ref rings the bell.

Ding ding ding!

After grounding Hardy before their match, Rocky picked him back up and irish whipped him into the ropes. As Hardy rebounded towards him, he slung him over his shoulders and fell back for a Samoan drop. He began to grab Jeff's legs for the sharpshooter, but he reversed and kicked Rock in the face. Jeff Hardy managed to get back up while The Rock was stunned and lock in a headlock. He lifted him up in the air, then sat down as he dropped him face-first into the canvas. He rolled over for the pin.

1... kickout!

Jim Ross: The Rock is a very strong man, he's not one to lose that easily.
Shane McMahon: Even so, Jeff did pretty much nothing! You can't just do one suplex and assume they'll stay down for the three count.

Jeff lifted Rock up, but The Rock began raining down with punches to his gut. Hardy bent over, clutching his stomach in pain, and The Rock saw his chance. He swung around Hardy, then transitioned over and drove his head into the mat for a picture perfect float-over DDT. He went for the pin.

1.. 2... kickout!

Jim Ross: And he kicks out just barely before the three!

The Rock lifts Hardy back up, but Jeff dropkicks him in the knees. He lifted Rock up and grabbed his head, about to go for the Twist of Hate. However, Rock saw it coming and quickly kicked Hardy in the gut. He saw his chance, and lifted Hardy by the shoulder and slammed him onto the ground for a devastating Rock Bottom. He went for the pin.

1... 2... 3!

Shane McMahon: And The Rock wins after a counter to Jeff's Twist of Hate.

Here's your winner... Theeeeeeee Rock!

The Rock climbed up to the turnbuckle then raised his arm for his signature taunt. The crowd exploded with cheers. The Rock grinned and raised an eyebrow, then exited the ring.

If it can be done off the top rope, it will be...
And if it's some crazy shit that Austin Cross isn't currently doing, I'll do it!

'Cause that's how I roll! Cool
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The Rock vs. Jeff Hardy
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